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For years prior to RAWR, I fed my cats the best dry and canned food I could find only to later find out that the commercial pet industry puts a lot into marketing and very little care into the food they produce. I want to encourage a change in the way we feed our pets.

By feeding RAWR to our cats, we are making a conscious decision to play an active role in how our pet food is made and where it comes from. Not only does the purchase of RAWR support the health of our pets, it also supports local farms and sustainable farming methods. Based in Oakland California RAWR produces handmade food 4 days a week in our own facility. We monitor each and every ingredient that goes into our food and know exactly where it came from. This ensures that our cats are receiving the most wholesome meals available.

Two years ago, after seeing an increasing demand for an alternative to commercial pet food I decided it was time to produce RAWR for the public. I am thrilled to hear from my clients about the positive changes they have seen in their cats, while simultaneously feeling a sense of pride knowing that the food I have created has been made consciously and with care.

I created RAWR to address the health concerns I had for my own cat, Milton. He suffered from low energy, significant digestive problems and an unpredictable temperament, all with no apparent cause.

After countless hours at the vet with little explanation I was told Milton was destined to be on a prescription diet for the rest of his life. He was not happy, and neither was I.

A month into his new diet I saw no real change. His ailments were still present. My frustration led me to spend countless hours researching a way to cure his ailments without the use of medical intervention and I ended up with a mountain of information supporting that a raw diet is best for cats and their optimal health. I set to making him raw food using my blender at home, and haven’t looked back.

In the past 10 years of being on this diet, I have seen significant improvements in his health. His digestive issues disappeared within a week of the new diet, his energy is that of a kitten, he maintains an ideal weight, and has the silkiest, softest fur around. His temperament is even and predictable, which is quite impressive for a cat. As I meet new clients and their cats and hear their own stories of struggle I am a true believer that the majority of health problems plaguing our pets can be resolved through a raw food diet.

SabrinaRAWR owner and founder
Like A Lion, LLC

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