RAWR was founded with the goal of changing the way we feed our cats. We realized what cats and their humans need is a diet that offers transparency, integrity and ingredients specific to the needs of the modern feline. 

Established in the summer of 2010 we have grown from a tiny brick and mortar in Oakland to a full production facility in Grass Valley CA. Despite our growth we have stayed true to our mission providing thoughtfully sourced and consciously crafted food for felines.

Sourcing & Ingredients

We love our cats and we care deeply about each and every ingredient that goes into the food we create.  All ingredients are carefully sourced from farms and producers that we have built strong relationships with over the years. We do not add anything your cat doesn’t need and rely on clean and wholesome meat as the basis for all of our meals. Each ingredient serves a purpose and we never compromise on quality. 

We never cut corners and always use the same cuts of meat from the same sustainable farms offering you consistently premium food for your cat.

Gap Certified

Our chicken and turkey are G.A.P. certified, meaning that the humane treatment of the animals is monitored by Global Animal Partnership. In 2022, RAWR received its G.A.P. certification and is currently the only G.A.P.-certified raw food on the market. 

Furthering our commitment to animal welfare, we are proud to announce we are signing onto the Better Chicken Commitment by 2026. The Better Chicken Commitment is a national movement to improve the lives of chickens used for meat that is supported by leading animal welfare organizations across North America. Our G.A.P. certification means that we are already ahead of the curve, meeting all the housing components of this commitment: lighting, litter, enrichments, and space allowance. Additionally, our supplier already utilizes the Better Chicken Commitment’s processing method, multi-step controlled atmosphere stunning, which is widely considered more humane. For the final element of this policy, the use of higher welfare chicken breeds, we will report our progress each year.

Our Duck is grown at the same farm we get our chicken from and although ducks cannot yet be GAP certified it is raised with the same rigorous care as the chickens. Rabbit now comes from a Humane Certified farm in the EU as our US sources just weren’t meeting the mark.  

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How IT Started

I started this business to solve the health concerns I had for my own cat, Milton. He suffered from low energy, significant digestive problems and an unpredictable temperament, all with no apparent cause. 

Every specialty diet I tried him on failed and so RAWR was born from the need to cure his ailments and you know what…it worked! He lived to the ripe old age of 16 and his sister Owen made it all the way to 19. 

Woman owned in gold country, ca


In 2018 RAWR branched out to form its second Oakland location with our good friends at Cat Town. We opened up RAWR Coffee Bar and together run a cat cafe where you can enjoy a drink, a snack buy some swag for you and your cat and meet with over 20 adoptable kitties in the “Cat Zone”.  We love working so closely with a rescue that is passionate about helping to save the cats that are often overlooked at the city shelter. Come visit our storefront in Oakland and meet with some kitties.

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Toni’s Kitty Rescue

We always advocate for animal rescue and the “adopt don’t shop” mentality so it only made sense that we would partner with Toni’s Kitty Rescue to provide the most nutritious food for a kitten to thrive on. Toni’s Kitty Rescue is a San Francisco based rescue organization that raises kittens from bottle babies to adoptable little monsters. The transition from formula to solid food can be extremely hard on kitten systems but the transition from formula to a raw food diet like RAWR makes all the difference. If you are looking for a kitten or two to add to your family contact Toni’s Kitty Rescue.

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